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I started in "Dogs" in 2004 when I was introduced to the world of Havanese and conformation. I helped with the Houston Havanese National that year and joined Lone Star Havanese Club. I joined the Havanese Club of America in 2005.

 It has been a marvelous 20 years. Over the 20 years we have had only 14 litters, but have produced 10 champions and some much loved pets. Our first Champion was HavDiss Incomparable. Our second champion is CH HavDiss TrueBlood Star, Sookie, who is retired. Our third champion is GCH CH HavDiss Catching Fire, Katniss, who is now deceased.  Sookie's daughter, Leia (GCH CH HavDiss A New Hope), is a  Grand Champion and a therapy dog. CH HavDiss Princess Izzy Belle is retired and lives with my daughter and granddaughters. Another retired Grand Champion is HavDiss What Goes Around Comes Around, Karma lives in Plano. We have two relatively new grand champions  - GCH CH HavDiss Hallelujah owned by Laura Gibson and GCH CH HavDiss Duchess of my Heart CGC. My newest two champions as of 2023 are CH HavDiss Red Bliss and GCH CH HavDiss Hallelujah Full of Grace - Grace. 

Enjoy our site! No matter where you live, please feel free to email - I never get tired of talking about the Havanese breed. If you live in the Houston or Montgomery area - maybe you can come by and meet a Havanese in person.


About the Havanese Breed

Havanese are a fabulous breed. They are loving companions, they don't shed, and are small enough to fit into any lifestyle; however, don't get in such a hurry that you make impetuous decisions about where to get one. As in any breed, we have our health issues and the coat, although lovely, can be time-consuming to maintain. In addition, there are breeders out there who do not health test. FYI, you can expect to pay between $2500 and $3500 for a well-bred, health-tested Havanese. For great information about the breed and recommended breeders see our parent organization the Havanese Club of America.


gch ch havdiss a new hope (Leia)


HavDiss Havanese


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